Monday, August 29, 2016

19 in a row

Yesterday finished an amazing weekend of comedy music less than 5 miles from my house known as FuMPFeST 2016. A post about those at the event is soon.

One unique thing about the event is that there are two fan based activities there. One is a video contest. I had an idea for a video this year but lost the nerve to do anything to try to make one.

Last year, someone else had even a better idea that would have involved my daughter and I but due to logistics, that never happened.

When I watched the entries, I was thinking about watching one I would have made and get the same nerves that make me purposely not listen to anything that was recorded of me.

The other one is called "Dumb parody ideas". This is an event where ANYONE there could do a parody in front of people. I have done many in my head over the years but last year lacked the courage to go on stage.

In the 14 months between the events, I analyzed and rehearsed what I would say for both parodies and simplified it so listeners would not get lost in the details.

When it was time for entries, I could not get myself off the chair as I watched others. It was entertaining to watch and I decided to justify me not going up there but to be honest, I put in too much time and effort in my head to have let it go to waste but I did.

On Saturday, Tim Cavanagh, who had a song on the first Dr. Demento Show I heard, had no singing voice due to a cold and asked someone to help sing 99 Dead Baboons on stage with him. I froze and watched someone else did and then talk about the amazing experience he had.

After hearing a song that made one of my excuses not to do my parody void, the con was soon over marking the 19th comedy music filled con in 16 years which I did not speak into the microphone on the main stage not in costume.

Since I do not want to keep the words in my head another 10-12 months, here is what I would have said:for the second parody:

After stating to a coworker that the song God Bless America is a prayer, it was suggested that I ignore the lyrics and focus on the music.

The next time I saw him, to the tune of God Bless America I sang a song from the point of view of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Though he was focused on my lyrics, I wanted more than a template to anger people whenever someone goes on a killing spree and thanks to a book about people like me which has a letter B is missing from the title, I came up with this:

Godless America, land that I want.
We'll stand beside her and guide her through the night with no light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans, white with foam.
Godless America. My hope, sweet hope.
Godless America. My hope, sweet hope.

I also imagined someone asking about the Gacy one

Teenagers in Des Plaines, all have to die.
So I'll lure them, to my clutches, strangle them, hide them under the floor.

I would then state that was all I need to prove a point and that phrases like "School kids in Sandy Hook" , "Aurora Batman fans" , or "Random folks near Cleveland" could easily fit in the first verse.

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