Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pandemic Legacy mid year

Record 5-2 Both losses by excessive outbreaks
Cured diseases 19
Eradicated diseases 8
Roles used by three players 4
Original roles not used 2
Added roles not used 3
Relationships 2
Times as Medic 6
Times as Scientist 7
Times as Researcher 5
Times as Quarantine Specialist 3
Scars 0
Total outbreaks 27
Cities collapsing or fallen 0
Cities riot level three 3
Cities riot level two 3
Cities unstable 12
Cities without outbreak 30
Faded cities 14
Cities with permanent research center 2
Destroyed research center 0
Cities with permanent military base 3
Disease upgrades 5
Card upgrades 1
Role upgrades 4
Equipment added 3
Added rules 12
Dossier components added 18
Compartments opened 4

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pandemic Legacy part 7

Quarantine Specialist Ahmed Klinger log:

Col. Sanders introduced Sgt. Benton (whose father also served in UNIT and worked with the woman whom our Cairo center is named after) who introduced new equipment that Torchwood developed for us and stated it will be available at medical and military facilities. We also arranged a blockade between Madrid and Rio.

Our medic, Dr. Erin Hunniucutt, got info quickly about the Silurian situation and used stem cells from a faded baby in Buenos Aires to find a cure. Thanks to research, I was able to cure the Martian problem both of which were quickly eradicated.

Since we had problems maintaining quarantines in South America and Africa, we established military bases in Tokyo and San Francisco to arrange more blockades as the faded figure situation started to become an issue after our Scientist, Dr. David Houlihan, got the info needed to cure the anti vaxxer issue.

Our scientist was with me in Chicago wondering what to do and we decided to form a barrier to keep those from Mexico City from entering cities in the US. Since an epidemic and outbreak immediately happened after that, we trumped that problem. Due to funding that came at the perfect time, we were able to fully establish the quarantine just before things would have gotten out of control.

We then decided to make the San Francisco base permanent as well as giving the medic military clearance allowing her to shuttle between military bases.

June 28

Friday, January 15, 2016

Misunderstood babble

Early this century, I was asked by my boss’s boss to write a report about something that happened at work since my boss was on vacation at the time.

After he read it, he came to me and asked who wrote it for me stating there is no way I am capable of writing it as well as I did.

From that point, I stopped respecting him and was glad when he left the company. However, his statement eventually made me realize something important. The way I speak to others causes some people to think I am stupid.

How a message is delivered can affect how it is received. Since I have a bad habit of editing sentences while delivering them, points I try to make as well as how people perceive me gets tangled in my babble.

Knowing this, I anticipate potential situations and what I will say in them. Occasionally people will see me mouth words or even speak to no one. Much of that time, this is what I am doing and yes, that changes how people perceive me.

I treat written things with the same scrutiny that people use when I talk. Unlike in speech, I can and often edit what I write and when not careful, the editing process can create sentences that don’t make sense or spelling errors which get overlooked as the sentence structure dominates my train of thought. It is rare that a post to this blog does not get edited for content or for an error after it is posted and I do appreciate it when someone mentions it to me.

I now see this in other places as well. Right now the person who leads all polls for the GOP presidential election is spewing ideas and concepts that many people find appealing even though the practical application of them would create a disaster. Having a responsible person in charge is what keeps those ideas from being enacted.

I have also seen a tv show which presents the same argument which I base my entire belief system upon and I have trouble watching it. The evidence presented is overwhelming but the point the show wants to make is ruined by the monotone voice of the narrator and by the appearance of one of the experts in the show.

When I talk to others about the show, they think it is a joke.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The next place

This week I was saddened to hear about the death of someone who helped bring a little bit of happiness to my otherwise miserable and sad existence: Of course I mean former Nebraska running back Lawrence Phillips.

For over twenty years, I watched the team hoping they would win their first national title since 1971 and in 1994, him and his team mates finally beat the University of Miami (FL) in their home stadium, the Orange Bowl, to win a championship after getting screwed over by the refs the previous year. They repeated the next year setting a record in points per game. Somewhere in my storage locker there are two shirts acknowledging the titles he helped bring to the school.

What happened in 1995 was a precourser to his future as a domestic incident occurred but he was allowed to play. After three unremarkable seasons in the NFL, he was done with football and eventually ended up in jail serving a long term sentence for multiple things when his dead body was found in his cell this morning probably from suicide.

Two days ago David Bowie died at 69 from liver cancer. When I first starting listening to rock music, I did not hear much of his work and when I saw his videos in the 80s, my brain lumped him with the artists which replaced the music I grew up hearing.

Eventually I got to hear more of his work but to me he falls in the same category I put Springsteen, Zeppelin, and the Eagles as they are groups whose music I don't try to listen anymore but whose impact on music I respect. If any of those with them die, I would feel the same way I do about Bowie. Sad that the person died but that still won't make me a fan of their work. (Less than a week after this was published, Glen Frey, the man who founded the Eagles died.)

Others equate his death as that of a hero. I'm not bashing that in any way shape or form. However, I have heard and seen many tributes that I really don't like.

David Bowie was a bisexual man who was very promiscuous and sometimes with teenage groupies. Living the rock star life, I know he put many things into his body (cocaine, alcohol, other drugs, Mercury?) which can cause a long term effect.

So with those facts, why are people believing that David Bowie would go to heaven? Put his lifestyle onto a non musician that has no specific fame and any Christian would say that person would go to hell.

If all the scientific discoveries over the past five centuries are wrong and there is an eternal plane of existence after death, Lawrence Phillips and David Bowie are in hell and when my body ultimately fails (Feb 17, 2034 if my instincts and calculations based on them are correct) I will be going there myself.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Football Mania results 2015

First off, thank you to all who purchased Football Mania tickets from me this season. My daughter earned $468 for her music boosters account which will be used for lessons and the expected 2017 trip.

The NFL regular season is over so I looked at the records of the Football Mania raffle which I ran for the music boosters at my daughter's high school and here are the results:

Even though a couple of large winners were not sold and therefore not paid, Charity Mania, the organization through which we run this raffle, would have been better off had the 237 tickets been sold as they collect $6 each.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pandemic Legacy part 6

Quarantine Specialist Ahmed Klinger log:

As we were in our research station in Cairo arguing about how things went wrong in April, we heard a loud, commanding, "Ten hut!" I stood at attention while the others sat at the table confused.

He said he was sent by UNIT to oversee the operation and he introduced himself as Colonel Sanders which was followed by muffled chuckling by the medical team. As he was explaining the dire situation the planet is in mentioning that the faded creatures are starting to appear more frequently, our researcher, Dr. Henry Pierce, clucked and was immediately dismissed.

He then looked at our medic, Dr. Erin Hunnicutt, and asked if she was ready after what happened in San Francisco. Though it changed the dynamic of the team from quickly fining disease cures to control and treatment, we were ready for the briefing. We were told we now have three tasks but also now can road block cities preventing outbreaks from spreading as long as a military settlement is in the area.

A majority of the problems were in the far east so the medic headed that way as I started quarantine procedures in Africa. Our scientist, Dr. David Houlihan, felt left out and headed east as well then ventured to the Western Hemisphere to help with the quarantine.

We had a scare after an epidemic in San Francisco while the medic was in Tokyo. Fortunately we were able to quarantine before an outbreak occurred.

We had a couple outbreaks in Europe but with very little assistance, I was able to discover cures for the anti-vaxxers problem as well as the Silurian plague while the scientist remotely took care of the Martian Fever.

With funding, we eradicated the anti-vaxxers as well as finished the quarantine procedures in time. Col. Sanders stated he will provide roadblocks as we set up remote cures for all diseases as we named our Cairo office today the Sarah Jane Smith Facility after a former UNIT employee who helped the Doctor take care of an Egyptian based Martian world issue 40 years ago and would have turned 65 this month.

May 31