Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pandemic Legacy part 6

Quarantine Specialist Ahmed Klinger log:

As we were in our research station in Cairo arguing about how things went wrong in April, we heard a loud, commanding, "Ten hut!" I stood at attention while the others sat at the table confused.

He said he was sent by UNIT to oversee the operation and he introduced himself as Colonel Sanders which was followed by muffled chuckling by the medical team. As he was explaining the dire situation the planet is in mentioning that the faded creatures are starting to appear more frequently, our researcher, Dr. Henry Pierce, clucked and was immediately dismissed.

He then looked at our medic, Dr. Erin Hunnicutt, and asked if she was ready after what happened in San Francisco. Though it changed the dynamic of the team from quickly fining disease cures to control and treatment, we were ready for the briefing. We were told we now have three tasks but also now can road block cities preventing outbreaks from spreading as long as a military settlement is in the area.

A majority of the problems were in the far east so the medic headed that way as I started quarantine procedures in Africa. Our scientist, Dr. David Houlihan, felt left out and headed east as well then ventured to the Western Hemisphere to help with the quarantine.

We had a scare after an epidemic in San Francisco while the medic was in Tokyo. Fortunately we were able to quarantine before an outbreak occurred.

We had a couple outbreaks in Europe but with very little assistance, I was able to discover cures for the anti-vaxxers problem as well as the Silurian plague while the scientist remotely took care of the Martian Fever.

With funding, we eradicated the anti-vaxxers as well as finished the quarantine procedures in time. Col. Sanders stated he will provide roadblocks as we set up remote cures for all diseases as we named our Cairo office today the Sarah Jane Smith Facility after a former UNIT employee who helped the Doctor take care of an Egyptian based Martian world issue 40 years ago and would have turned 65 this month.

May 31

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