Saturday, September 10, 2011


Last week, I turned on my XBox 360 to get the new Paul and Storm song for Rock Band making that the 500th different track that could be played on my system. (Paul and Storm also provided the previous song I downloaded to my hard drive which was the 500 track as I have 2 copies of We are The Champions)

When I signed into my username I got a notice stating my XBox 360 console was permanently banned for violating their terms of service. When I called XBox support, the person told me my Live account is still valid but my console (replaced with a brand new one in September 2008 after the one purchased in December 2007 suffered the red ring) is no longer allowed to access Live and that I need to replace it.

After explaining that I did not modify my console (which is what causes consoles to be banned) and that I have no idea how to even attempt to do so I was told this ban could come from playing in a modified game and that they cannot connect me to someone in enforcement and that I cannot send my system to them since they won't touch a midified system. They also advised me to go to Gamestop since they have a deal where I can now get an extra $40 credit for my used one. (Still would cost me $225)

Explaining this to others including 10 XBox Live players along with comedy musician Insame Ian who worked at Gamestop created the same WTF response having never heard of that before. Josh was able online find a possible scenario as playing Call of Duty with someone who modified his system to allow symbols in his gamer name and him hosting the game where I played.

If that is the case, it is fucked up. That means this could happen again anytime I play a game on line and paying $70/year for Live membership to download and play Rock Band DLC only is really not worth it since my Rock Band DLC will only play when I am Live.

As I was trying to get to the XBox forum on the computer I explained my computer is slow since I spent money on my XBox instead over the past 3 1/2 years. I decided to figure out how much.

As gifts I have received $100 in points cards (including one $20 card won on ebay with a $50 bid) which are included in the costs on the list and 2 microphones that are not.

Initial purchase included Xbox elite (120GB) system and replacement plan, Rock Band with drums, mike and guitar, and Guitar Hero 3 with guitar.

Rock Band purchase includes discs for 4 other versions, microphones, guitars, replacement kick pedal, keyboard (purchased with RB3) and DLC.

Marketplace purchases include Call of Duty DLC, themes for my system and games downloaded directly to my console HD.

Though I have spent an estimated $2,500 on my system out of my pocket I am not wanting to spend $225 more since I feel like Microsoft banned my system just so I would be forced to get a new one. Fortunately, I did get an offer to switch my console with an old one used by someone's kid who does not play live.