Saturday, August 29, 2009

Draft day

This Sunday I head to my brother-in-law's house for the league live draft for fantasy football. I get to see people only once per year and that is a good thing because there is one person there I would want to punch and another I would bitch slap still pissed off about what happened on 2007. As you probably can guess, I am the asshole of my league. It was probably a good thing that I was very sick on draft day last year since it kept me from getting out of line.

When I first got hooked up to the internet, I would play any fantasy game that I could find and play other sports related handicapping games. With other things happening on my life and on two occasions them affecting the final outcome, I do not play as often. I also stopped playing fantasy baseball since leagues no longer use the Sabermetrics format which I like. Just about every league now uses batting average and home runs and include stolen bases and pitcher strikeouts where I strongly prefer using on base percentage and slugging average and not have stolen bases or strikeouts factor.

I also don't play in public on line leagues with 9 strangers since 2 or 3 of them usually stop caring about their team one month into the season.

As you can imagine, I have had success:

This chart does not include one handicapping game which I will explain later.

The five most significant fantasy sports players I have dealt with:

5. Barry Bonds. SF OF- 2002. Not the year he hit 73 home runs but the one after. His on base percentage and slugging keyed the team I had my first title with.

4. Tom Brady. NE QB - 2007. Knowing he finally got decent wide receivers, I planned on getting him in the third round that year as most people pegged him for the 4th or 5th round. He set the NFL record for touchdowns that year. If it was not for questionable player decisions and lazy ownership by other members in one league (punch and bitch slap), I would have won both leagues I was in that year. Note: Being at a memorable convention one weekend created a situation where I had to make a player decision early Sunday morning and I made the wrong one not knowing if a questionable player was going to play. Had I made the correct one, I would have won the league anyway.

3. Steve McNair Ten QB - 2003. Drafted the number one player by someone else in one league I was in, I got him in the 6th round in another league. His co MVP year allowed me to win my first football title.

2. Mushin Muhammad Car WR 2004. Needing another back up wide receiver, I drafted him in the 11th round. Though he was the fifth one I drafted, he turned out to be the best one in the league that year and one of the main reasons I won in 2004.

1. Scott Podsednik Mil OF 2003. ESPN had a game called Diamond Daily where people paid $20 and picked one player a day out of a pool of one third of the available teams. Every month $2,000 each went to the person whose players had the most home runs, runs batted in and batting average among the over 6,000 entries they had.

In September that year, I had players who were getting hits all month and in spite of Sammy Sosa going 0 for 5 one day, I had a chance to win the batting average portion. Since I had the minimum number of at bats needed to qualify for the batting average portion, I decided to not play players for the last week. On the last Saturday of the month, I was in third place and put Scott Podsednik in for Sunday since he had a favorable matchup and was planning on removing him if the people above me had their average fall below mine and I was in first.

I was at a convention that Saturday and did not get a chance to look at a computer until it was too late. I found out the two people above me had players who did not do well on Saturday and I was in first going into the last day of the month. Scott Podsednik went 4 for 5 that Sunday and I won $2,000. For what it was worth, I still would have won had I not played him but had he gone 1 for 5 or worse, I would have lost.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gencon "cos play"

At the science fiction conventions I have attended, I have many times seen groups of people in costume as a group. I've seen costumed groups depicting members of the cast of Blazing Saddles, Mortal Combat, Guitar Hero, and the movie 300 and have seen people dressed as members of a group like Stormtroopers, the Stonecutters from the Simpsons episode, Ghostbusters, Cobra Command (GI Joe), or as in the picture I posted last November, Nazis. I even saw a group of people in military riot gear conduct an intensive military style sweep of the area around the convention hotel.

As I arrived in downtown Indianapolis 5:30 Friday night, I noticed a large amount of traffic around the convention center even for rush hour. When I saw people with flags directing cars to parking lots and the clothes people were wearing, I realized what was happening. Eventually we got to our parking lot for the hotel and when we went out to dinner, the crowd was mixed with gamers and people wearing blue shirts with numbers on them.

The percentages in the chart are an estimate based on what I saw:

In clockwise order: Addai-RB, Vinatieri-K, Gonzalez-WR, Wayne-WR, Freeney-DE, Harrison-WR (no longer with team), Sanders-S, Saturday-C, Clark-TE, Manning-QB

I also saw 6 purple shirts, 3 with 28 (Peterson), 2 with 93 (P. Williams) and one with 69 (Allen).

For what it is worth, the Vikings beat the Colts in the preseason game 13-3.

Monday, August 17, 2009


With the pain and spasms I have had in my left leg the previous couple of weeks being at the computer long enough to create a chart was not plausible.

Last weekend, I went to Gencon Indy for the 7th straight year. In the previous six years I would mainly stick around and watch merch tables and do not much else since playing Scrabble and the burnout from that made me not interested.

Since I played an interesting board game in July with friends, my interest in other games now exists and I went there as a customer. However, I realized that due to financial and logistical considerations, I need to be selective on what games I get. No matter how cool the game might be, if no one else is interested in playing it, it will just sit and gather dust.

Though I did purchase one game last weekend, there were others I was wanting to get but decided against. The following chart explains: