Monday, August 17, 2009


With the pain and spasms I have had in my left leg the previous couple of weeks being at the computer long enough to create a chart was not plausible.

Last weekend, I went to Gencon Indy for the 7th straight year. In the previous six years I would mainly stick around and watch merch tables and do not much else since playing Scrabble and the burnout from that made me not interested.

Since I played an interesting board game in July with friends, my interest in other games now exists and I went there as a customer. However, I realized that due to financial and logistical considerations, I need to be selective on what games I get. No matter how cool the game might be, if no one else is interested in playing it, it will just sit and gather dust.

Though I did purchase one game last weekend, there were others I was wanting to get but decided against. The following chart explains:

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