Wednesday, November 30, 2011

more movie time

The cable company as a sign of thanks to its customers (or as a way to try to get more business) last weekend had all the movie channels free along with other channels I usually don't get. Just like last time this allowed me to see some movies I have not in a while and to see some I have not seen before. Along with going to a theatre on Saturday and monthly cool movie night, this is what I saw over the previous 5 days:

Pulp Fiction: Have seen it many times before. Did not realize that the people who played Mr Orange and Mr Pink from Reservior Dogs were in it until I saw the credits.

Men in Black: It is too bad they felt necessary for a sequel.

Ocean's 11 (2001): Still get Brad Pitt and Matt Damon confused.

Megamind and Dispicable Me: Megamind was the movie Dispicable Me tried to be.

Toy Story 3: Never seen it before. Understand why it was nominated for best picture.

Harry Potter Hallows (part 1): Knowing what was going to happen, I was not enthusiastic about the movie but still enjoyed it. I was surprised that people were discussing before the movie came out where they would split the book as the point it ended seemed perfect.

Tron (2010): After an unimpressive half hour I was waiting for Olivia Wilde. After 10 minutes, I changed the channel knowing I wasted 40 minutes of my life.

The Muppets: Saw @ theatre. Though I enjoyed the Muppet Show, I never cared for the movies. Though the movie was ok, it was nothing special.

Plains, Trains and Automobiles: I had never seen it before. It was weird seeing Steve Martin as the straight man most of the time and it worked. Though I knew what was going to happen, it still was funny.