Thursday, October 4, 2012

Family Circus driving # 11

This Sunday afternoon my family is having a "celebration of life" dinner in honor of my father at a hotel in Countryside. Knowing how large our extended family is we dediced to limit the attendence to invite only since we wanted to know about how much food to have ready.

Of course, my daughter and I will arrive early and since we are staying late, I figured it was best for my wife to drive herself so she would not have to wait for me to drive either there or back. I sent her the address and told her when we have the room and when there will be food.

I then realized that she could get lost trying to find the place. Here is a map:


Now why do I expect this to happen? The hotel is located on Joliet Road. I tried to explain to her that Joliet Road runs 4 miles from Harlem Ave to just past La Grange Rd, merges into Interstate 55 for 5 miles then spurs off again leading into Romeoville then Joliet and that she needs to take Interstate 294 to 55 north to Joliet Rd to the hotel.  

Knowing how little she listens to me, I expect her to take 355, exit onto Joliet Rd, drive 7 miles past Joliet State Prison, then call me wondering where the hell the hotel is.

Note: She rode with me there and back so the theory was not tested. However, she did notice the hotel was on Joliet Road and wondered why we did not take I-355.