Thursday, March 22, 2012

The last Marscon 2012 post

As I have done the last couple of years, I put together a chart of who appeared with who and where:

The closest I came to getting on stage was when I cleared the table and chairs off the stage after opening ceremonies and before the music started on Friday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Death and Facebook

Last weekend at my mother's house she gave me the St. Rita alumni magazine which is delivered to her house since I don't want them bothering me for donations as I only donated (and will in the future) when their varsity football team wins a state championship. After tossing the donation envelope in the garbage I turned to the section which lists those who have passed away and noticed one of the half dozen from my class which I really didn't like is listed.

I had to fight my instinct to immediately transfer my ill feelings towards him to Facebook since I know if the words are not carefully chosen, the tone of the message will become the topic rather than the message itself like when I posted about the fat girl in the neighborhood. (Now I refer to her as the female Eric Cartman) I also have to remember how varied my current 200+ friends are:

After Whitney Houston died, I was unable to find the correct way to state that shortly after she destroyed the National Anthem before Super Bowl XXV (and became famous from it) in 1991 that I stated to my boss that on the day she was found dead in a hotel room I was going to have a big party and that since I found out about her demise on the way to party at Capricon it came true.

After some thought, I was able to get this written since it also explains why I have those feelings towards him:

To my surprise only one person commented and it was neither a family member who was trying to pass their overwhelming Christian ideals onto me nor was it one of my classmates. It was someone who I have not seen personally in over 8 years and though I have liked and replied to his posts, this was the first time he commented on one I made:

Here is a bigger view of the profile pic:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From all over the country

Yesterday evening, I returned from the aweseom weekend that was Marscon 2012. As I have done for now three years, here is a map the 15 states (along with Washington, DC) people came from to attend and or particiapte in the music track: