Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Death and Facebook

Last weekend at my mother's house she gave me the St. Rita alumni magazine which is delivered to her house since I don't want them bothering me for donations as I only donated (and will in the future) when their varsity football team wins a state championship. After tossing the donation envelope in the garbage I turned to the section which lists those who have passed away and noticed one of the half dozen from my class which I really didn't like is listed.

I had to fight my instinct to immediately transfer my ill feelings towards him to Facebook since I know if the words are not carefully chosen, the tone of the message will become the topic rather than the message itself like when I posted about the fat girl in the neighborhood. (Now I refer to her as the female Eric Cartman) I also have to remember how varied my current 200+ friends are:

After Whitney Houston died, I was unable to find the correct way to state that shortly after she destroyed the National Anthem before Super Bowl XXV (and became famous from it) in 1991 that I stated to my boss that on the day she was found dead in a hotel room I was going to have a big party and that since I found out about her demise on the way to party at Capricon it came true.

After some thought, I was able to get this written since it also explains why I have those feelings towards him:

To my surprise only one person commented and it was neither a family member who was trying to pass their overwhelming Christian ideals onto me nor was it one of my classmates. It was someone who I have not seen personally in over 8 years and though I have liked and replied to his posts, this was the first time he commented on one I made:

Here is a bigger view of the profile pic:

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and no, the Hockey team, which is playing for the state title on March 23, does not count.