Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Laces out!

Being a Dolphins fan I occasionally get asked about Ace Ventura since the movie involved the Dolphins and quarterback Dan Marino.

In the movie, the Dolphins lost Super Bowl seventeen because their kicker Ray Finkle, a small, thin, German with a mustache missed a short field goal because Dan Marino's hold caused the kicker to make contact with the laces causing the kick to go unexpectedly wide.

 As I have a bad habit of doing, the mention of that can cause me to ramble as the facts differ.

When I looked up Uwe Von Schamann, the slightly build German who was the Dolphins kicker at that time who wore the same number 5 as Ray Finkle and whose clip was used in the movie, I discovered in college he made a field goal to win a game leading the opposing team's crowd in a block that kick chant. The year before, he had a chance to win a game against the same team but the center snap went past the holder. Uwe referred to that play as "the hold".