Saturday, April 14, 2012

What's new with HGI?

Hardcore Gaming Industries (HGI) is still conducting an investigation into the incident that happened at midnight January 1st when a small nuclear explosion centered in Steve Bartman Stadium leveled the town of Simpsonville, KY and vaporized Misfit Demons coach Richard Hertz and most of the town's residents.

Since HGI decided to cease operations for fantasy football at the end of the 2011 season where the Demons lost in the title game, they do not have to worry about building a new stadium or finding a new coach.

Last August, Gozer Games LLC presented a new board game they were interested in developing and HGI was involved with the play testing of the product. Called Titans of Industry, the game is now considered ready for production.

The idea of Titans of Industry is to develop the best corporation by purchasing facilities that produce and sell goods and then directing your personnel to most effectively do that to gain victory points which will determine the winner. Within the game, there are also opportunities to direct your personnel to train additional workers, make your facilities more effective, develop corporate strategies to acquire additional victory points, and gain advantages for the next turn. Here is the layout of the board and a sample of the factory and business cards in the game:

Getting a manufacturer to make the game for sale is not cheap. To get the necessary funds, Gozer Games launched a kickstarter for the product.

The advantages of kickstarter is that the developer of the project will get guaranteed sales before production along with the necessary funds needed to manufacture the product and the people who pledge money get bonuses for their up front support and also the knowledge the money will not be accepted until the goal date and only if the minimum amount for the goal is met.

In this case, people who pledge will get the PDF files needed to print and play the game before the game is produced. Higher amounts will get a copy of their previous game Vampire Werewolf Fairies, a copy of Titans of Industry, a version of the game with better pieces, and for $250 the naming rights to one the the facilities in the game which HGI is hooping to do.