Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bowl time

As the Fiesta Bowl is being played in the home of the Arizona Cardinals, I figured out the use of the field for all 39 college football bowl/playoff games are being played and posted the chart with the surprising result:

Switching to a JPEG made the chart so dirty and I am not redoing it. I was surprised to discover more games are played in NFL stadiums than college ones.

The stadiums that are used for multiple bowls were counted twice. The others are the two played in a field used just for the bowl game.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The George Costanza wallet

At work recently someone told me I have a "George Costanza wallet". Though I have watched most of the episodes from Seinfeld, I do not remember that specific reference. When I asked a coworker whose on line handle makes a Costanza reference, he confirmed that was due to the large amount of cards in my wallet. He then asked to measure my wallet which on its side was about 2 inches. (something I jokingly stated that females usually tell me)

When I got home, I decided to look at the cards in my wallet and did dump one. This is what is left:
For what is not obvious:

Gov - I included my I-Pass account card.
Health/Insurance - I have cards for both my daughter and I as well as a card stating what medications I am taking in case of an emergency.
Entertainment - Top Golf (daughter and I) Dave and Busters
Work - Cards certifying I am able to drive fork lifts.
Store - Either rewards or membership card.
Disc Golf - PDGA membership card as well as merchandise coupon card.
Personal - Dr Who fan club card from the mid 1980s and the room key card from the last Marscon which I replace every year.

So that is what you get (along with what little money is inside) if you manage to steal my wallet.