Friday, March 8, 2013

The last Marscon 2013 post

The video shown for opening ceremonies is here:

Again, I charted what people did at the convention last weekend.

I included those involved with making it separate from the three that appeared on stage before it was shown.
I only included those who provided live commentary for DSW wrestling.
I included those involved with Flat 29's podcast recording.
I did not include the fan showcase.

Lost a little of integrity within the photo having to constantly update and save after others noticed omissions.

As suggested, I also created a post about those not on stage who helped last weekend:

Table 27 is where the artists have their merchandise for sale.
Audio/video ranges from the performance to the recording and broadcasting of them.
The other programming in dementia track related only.
People donated money to help with travel, room party expenses and programmng.

This chart does not include the long hours spent over the previous 3 months by the great Luke Ski who for the 10th straight year put together the dementia track at Marscon since his oval would be as large as the entire chart.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The first post Marscon 2013 post

As the previous three years, here is a colored map showing where people originated to attend last weekend's Marscon 2013:

Two things of note: The Dementia music guest of honour, Flat 29, flew from England to Bloomington, Minnesota in winter to perform their third ever show and was amazing on and off the stage all weekend.  (Yes, that is why the British version of honor was used.) The only blank map of the area I could find was of England only and not of Great Britain so that is why it does not look as familiar as it should.

The opening ceremonies and the Logan Awards featured puppets of 4 musicians who were not there.