Monday, April 4, 2016

Nocturnal injuries

A week ago Sunday, woke up, rolled over, and felt pain under right shoulder. Since I played on Friday and practiced on Saturday without taking medicine due to being at my mom's, can understand.

Last Sunday, woke at 5:30 from a dream where I was playing football and my right knee was throbbing with my right leg up off the couch. In spite of ice and medicine, pain did not stop. The next morning, the discomfort was located on the inside of the knee meaning I sprained my MCL.

While powering through work the day needing to get things done, was asked about seeing a doctor. I stated what would happen:

I walk in, pay copay.
Explain what happened to nurse and doctor both whom would find unusual and that since I tweaked my shoulder the week before did not play or practice which could lead to an injury.
Wince in pain as doctor examines leg and puts pressure where it hurts.
Go for x-ray with note excusing work the rest of the week.
Toss note in garbage then power through balance of work week maybe taking Thursday and or Friday off.

Would also state doing that saves copay.