Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fictional list of numbers 0-13

Earlier, I posted an explaination of what is included and not included. If you see an error or omission let me know and I will add or fix it.

0 - Moron Mountain Monstars (Space Jam)
other - Stan Smith (Langley Falls), Millhouse Van Huesen (Springfield kids football)

Though the Monstars were based on 5 NBA players, they were not voiced by them and they did not have the same jersey number as the players they emulated so I decided to include them

00 - Dick Dastardly (Wacky Races)
Honorable mention - Clark Griswald (Chicago Blackhawks) Willie Mays Hayes (Cleveland Indians)

The ultimate incompetent bad guy. His car had a jet engine and was racing against vehicles made from rock, a tank, one with a steam powered engine, and one with blades for wheels among others. He did not have to cheat to win.

01 - General Lee (Dukes of Hazard)

I always wanted the car to wreck just once after making a jump.

1 - Henry Rowengarter (Chicago Cubs)
Honorable mention - Tommy Hanrahan (Long Island Ducks), Bugs Bunny (Tune Squad),
others - Lucy Draper (Texas State Armadillos) Slagg Brothers (Wacky Races)

One of my toughest choices but the way the Rookie of the Year's name on the jersey ended up on the sleeves overcame some of the horrible things that happened in the movie which could have been made a whole lot better.

2 - Ogie Oglethorpe (Syracuse Nationals)
Honorable menton - Daffy Duck (Tune Squad), Nelson Muntz (Springfeld kids football)

Though the Slap Shot character started the season on a different team and it was never pointed out that he was traded, his introduction during the title game and how he looked was enough it for me.

3 - George Bailey (unknown)
others Kelly Leak (Bad News Bears) Nigel Gruff (Washington Sentinels)

In the movie It's a Wonderful Life, George wears a generic jersey with the number 3.

4 - Steve Stifler (East Great Falls High)
other - The Red Max (Wacky Races)

To my surprise, I could not find any other significant fictional character that wore number 4.

5 - Speed Racer
Honorbale Mention - Ray Finkle (Miami Dolphins), Penelope Pitstop (Wacky Races)

Speed Racer won a race through an active volcano covering 800 miles in 5 hours on one tank of gas. If Pops Racer could head to Detroit to design passenger cars, the world would be a far better place.

6 - Number 6 (The Prisoner)
other - Yosemite Sam (Tune Squad)

He is not a prisoner, he's a free man. Another number with few people.

7 - Harry Potter (Gryffindor Quidditch)
honorable mention - Reggie Dunlop (Charlestown Chiefs), Jake Taylor (Cleveland Indians)
other - Ant Hill Mob (Wacky Races)

Three characters all deserving but one clear choice.

8 - Crash Davis (Durham Bulls)
Honorable mention - Porky Pig (Tune Squad), Dottie Hinton (Rockord Peaches)

Though Crash Davis is the name of an actual former major league player, the player in the movie was not based on him just named after him.

9 - Roy Hobbs (New York Knights)
Honorable mention - Racer X (Speed Racer), Peter Perfect (Wacky Races)
others - Johnny Utah (Ohio State), Bobby Boucher Jr (University of Lousiana)

As much as I despise the fact that the ending of the movie The Natural was 100% the opposite of the book, the way Hobbs looked in that jersey overcomes that.

10 - Lola Bunny (Tune Squad)
other - The Buzzwagon (Wacky Races)

Could not find any other important charater that had that number.

11 - Amanda Wurlitzer (Bad News Bears)

Same as above. No other choice I coud find.

12 - Paul Blake (Texas State Armidillos)
Honorable Mention - Tanner Boyle (Bad News Bears)

Better of once again a few options

13 - Pedro Cerrano (Cleveland Indians)
Honorable Mention - Kenny McCormick (South Park Cows), Wile E. Coyote (Tune Squad)
others - Willie Beamen (Miami Sharks), pipe wrench guy (Take on Me video)

A tough choice but I had to go with the character who had to overcome bad luck to succeed.

As stated before, this is subject to edit.

Fictional numbers explaination

I recently decided to determine the best all time fictonal character player numbes (movies, tv, cartoons) and decided to compile a list. I took suggestions by others and will be posting results over the next couple of weeks.

First, this is what will not be on the list:

1) Any real player number. There have been many stories of real players portrayed by others in movies and tv and as they are real, they do not belong on the list. So Rudy, Lou Gherig, Jackie Robinson and others like them do not count. If a story is based on real life events but the names and details of them are changed, I will include them.

2) A real player (or person) in a fictional story. Michael Jordan, Dan Marino, Tom Brady and others have appeared in stories with fictional characters. The fictional characters would count but the actual players won't.

3) A fictional player portrayed by a real one. Occasionally an athlete will portray a player based on himself sometimes even havng the same number. So the Texas prison football team which had Jerry Rice, Dick Butkus, Barry Sanders among others don't count.

4) Miscellaneous characters. I am only going to include the important ones and not every player on teams. If you believe I missed a significant character from a movie or tv show, let me know.

Note: The list is subject to change. If you see something omitted, let me know and I would change or add it. When there are more than one that wore a number, I will select what I believe is the best and include Honorable mention and others for those not at the top. Since there are over 100 possible entries, I will be making the list in multiple parts. Also if a character wore multiple numbers, I will only include the number worn most or most significantly. There will be a seperate list of those whose number has a letter or character in it.