Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fictional numbers explaination

I recently decided to determine the best all time fictonal character player numbes (movies, tv, cartoons) and decided to compile a list. I took suggestions by others and will be posting results over the next couple of weeks.

First, this is what will not be on the list:

1) Any real player number. There have been many stories of real players portrayed by others in movies and tv and as they are real, they do not belong on the list. So Rudy, Lou Gherig, Jackie Robinson and others like them do not count. If a story is based on real life events but the names and details of them are changed, I will include them.

2) A real player (or person) in a fictional story. Michael Jordan, Dan Marino, Tom Brady and others have appeared in stories with fictional characters. The fictional characters would count but the actual players won't.

3) A fictional player portrayed by a real one. Occasionally an athlete will portray a player based on himself sometimes even havng the same number. So the Texas prison football team which had Jerry Rice, Dick Butkus, Barry Sanders among others don't count.

4) Miscellaneous characters. I am only going to include the important ones and not every player on teams. If you believe I missed a significant character from a movie or tv show, let me know.

Note: The list is subject to change. If you see something omitted, let me know and I would change or add it. When there are more than one that wore a number, I will select what I believe is the best and include Honorable mention and others for those not at the top. Since there are over 100 possible entries, I will be making the list in multiple parts. Also if a character wore multiple numbers, I will only include the number worn most or most significantly. There will be a seperate list of those whose number has a letter or character in it.

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