Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The George Costanza wallet

At work recently someone told me I have a "George Costanza wallet". Though I have watched most of the episodes from Seinfeld, I do not remember that specific reference. When I asked a coworker whose on line handle makes a Costanza reference, he confirmed that was due to the large amount of cards in my wallet. He then asked to measure my wallet which on its side was about 2 inches. (something I jokingly stated that females usually tell me)

When I got home, I decided to look at the cards in my wallet and did dump one. This is what is left:
For what is not obvious:

Gov - I included my I-Pass account card.
Health/Insurance - I have cards for both my daughter and I as well as a card stating what medications I am taking in case of an emergency.
Entertainment - Top Golf (daughter and I) Dave and Busters
Work - Cards certifying I am able to drive fork lifts.
Store - Either rewards or membership card.
Disc Golf - PDGA membership card as well as merchandise coupon card.
Personal - Dr Who fan club card from the mid 1980s and the room key card from the last Marscon which I replace every year.

So that is what you get (along with what little money is inside) if you manage to steal my wallet.

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