Friday, August 12, 2016

Pandemic Legacy part 10

Quarantine specialist Klinger log:

Thanks to info from the virologist, we got a new assignment: Find the immunologist who is lost in either rioting Los Angeles or Mexico City. We were also told to just cure diseases and not worry about eradicating them any more. We also got a new military base in Bogota meaning 5 of the 6 areas of the world now have a UNIT facility.

Not wanting to risk harm to our researcher, our generalist was called into action as we got reports of anti VAX issues in New York and western Europe. I followed the generalist into Mexico City to search and quarantine while the scientist headed east to treat.

Two epidemics in Asia happened while the scientist cured the Martian water issue and then she had a tough decision to make. She had an opportunity to find the immunologist in Los Angeles before the trail went cold as well as curing the anti VAX problem but she would be in a city with faded figures which would scar her and decided to go for it knowing the Silurian issue was about to get beyond control.

After a third epidemic followed by an outbreak, I had one last chance before things would go out of control. I was in Sydney and cured to the Silurian disease, went to LA to reestablish the quarantine there, and set up a seventh overall one in Bogota to get to the point where UNIT can move in and settle things (including an evac of our scientist preventing injury) just before another outbreak would have created chaos.

Our immunologist stated that he needs components to form a vaccine but the virologist can now treat the faded people. When we mentioned that the disease is called El Guapo, he corrected us stating that El Guapo is not the name of the disease but that of the man who created the disease and unleashed it upon his people in an attempt to take over the country but it spread beyond his control.

After I worked out details to allow expanded quarantine procedures, we got a call from Torchwood stating that their nuclear device was now available followed immediately by a call from the Doctor demanding that we never use it.

Aug 30

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