Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pandemic Legacy part 9

Quarantine Specialist Ahmed Klinger

After a brief discussion in which our rescued virologist stated those in the area mention "El Guapo" as the disease name, we determined finding cures to diseases has becone more important than treating so our researcher was welcomed back to the team in place of the medic.

Things broke heavy in the far east so roadblocks were established to prevent multiple outbreaks there. As I started quarantine procedures in Africa, the scientist along with the researcher headed to Asia to treat. Due to them being close, info was easily exchanged and after I headed that way as well, all three diseases had cures thanks in part to the scientist having extra storage capacity.

The treatment part became a challenge as outbreaks in all three diseases made things come close to panic. Fortunately a quarantine in Moscow kept the Silurian issue from turning worse as well as good timing.

With my hasmat suit, I made my way into faded west Africa then into South America without getting scarred and established a military base in Rio. As the other two were finally able to eradicate the anti vax issue, I was on my way to adding a military base to our Cairo office only to find out funding that was established after our failure earlier this month already provided one.

Having met our goal, we made the anti vax issue easier to treat as well as getting an additional treatment option for potential future use.

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