Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ending the summer on a high note (Sunday)

My assessment of FuMPFeST Sunday:

Dementia water aerobics: B:

FuMP showcase: B+: Other artists who don't have a mainstage show can perform and knowing who doesn't have a spot, it should be entertaining and possibly weird.

Zach and the Pathetic Men: I: Another group I might watch.

Dementia Smackdown Wrestling: B: Though fun to watch, it isn't the same in the afternoon but the late night show has become too difficult now to do well.

Carrie Dahlby: B: Without any recent new material of her own I expect many others to join her on stage.

Tom Smith: A-: Another artist I see much less often than I used to.

Closing ceremonies: It will be difficult to see things end as it always is.

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