Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ending the summer on a high note (Saturday)

Saturday FuMPFeST lineup:

Dementia water aerobics: B: I love the idea and wished my body would allow me to participate.

State of the FuMP: B: The only true panel of the con and the only necessary one where Devo Spice and others talk about their plans for the site which is almost ten years old.

Dino-Mike: A-: It will be nice to see him do an hour set as my daughter did not see him at Marscon and after hanging out with him during the Marscon parties wants to see his show.

The Library Bards: I: I do not know much about them. If I am up to it will watch.

Before they were now: A: I love the idea of people doing songs as a previous act.

MEGATHRUSTER: B-: I know and like a couple of their songs. Definitely the FuMPFeST act with the least time as an artist together.

Paul and Storm Q & A: A-: The guests of honor talk and answer questions. Duh.

2D6: I: Another group with material I am not familiar. Will watch if up to it.

Tim Cavanagh: B: If not needing food badly, will watch his perform songs I have known for three plus decades as well as songs from his new CD.

Live podcasts: B: Those who do podcasts will record them live: I might get called.

FuMPFeST guest of honor Paul and Storm: A+: The last time they performed in front of this crowd, it was memorable and expect it to be that way again.

Movie time: C: I like the idea but doubt I will be up for it after a long day.

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