Tuesday, September 13, 2016

FuMPFeST by the numbers

Though it was two weeks ago, I am finally getting around to this post since running a raffle has taken up much of my time.

Attendees: 180
Attendees who currently or once had a show on Dementia Radio: 18
Attendees who have walked from their residence to the Elk Grove Village Holiday Inn: 1
Attendees who were at an ALCON there in 2000 and or 2002: 20
Attendees who have had gastric surgery: 4
Times my car stalled in the 4.5 mile drive to FuMPFeST after a mechanic could not find an issue with it: 4
States people have travelled from to get to FuMPFeST: 17

Different musical acts with their own show: 14
Acts in the FuMP showcase: 5
Others who only joined artists on stage to sing: 12
Other music acts that were there: 7
Artists who performed under medical or physical duress: 2
People there who have or are part of a podcast: 6
Songs that I would have played during this year's "Mom, don't listen" show that were performed: 6

Artists who participated in Dumb Parody Ideas: 6
Fans who participated in Dumb Parody Ideas: 8
Events I missed part of due to getting food: 3
Different places I purchased food over 5 days: 12
Weight gained: 3lb

Different tag lines on bottles of FuMP moisture: 19
People who were given a bottle to reflect their act or personal situation: 9
CDs brought home: 5
Shirts brought home: 3
Singed pieces of cartoon art brought home: 1
Autographed giant inflatable penis brought home: 1

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