Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No Cubs. No.

With the Cardinals losing on the evening of Set 15th, the Chicago Cubs won their first division title in 8 years and over last weekend clinched the best record in the National League just like in 2008.

With the White Sox not involved in spite of their hot start, my playoff rooting interest would usually default to teams that finish with the best regular season record since I believe that six months of excellence should not be spoiled over an unnecessarily long playoff system which in under less than ideal playing conditions way too often produces an undeserving champion.

Since 2001, 15 teams have won the NL pennant. This is the position those 15 teams would have finished in the regular season had there been no playoffs:

1st: 3 times
2nd: 3 times
3rd: 4 times
4th: 3 times
5th: 2 times

This is about the teams' record and not seed. The NL champ 2015 Mets were the 3rd seed but had the 5th best record in the National League.

Unlike 2008, this year's Cubs look like a championship ball club. They have three starters that are among the top seven (now six) in the league, a flexible, well-balanced powerful lineup, a dominating closer, and one of the top managers in the game as opposed to one of the other NL playoff teams which has one of the worst.

Do they deserve to win a title? Yes. Do I want them to win? NO FUCKING WAY!

I know it is 13 years later but I am still upset that the Cubs lost their composure in 2003 and would still not want to meet the fan whose ignorance led to the collapse as well as changing NFL history that following Sunday. (A topic covered in a previous post)

I am also not wanting one specific person to ever enjoy the reality of a Cubs title. In 2007 and last year, that person's enjoyment would have been spoiled by me winning money betting on them but due to the odds, that bet this year was not worth making. I have carried out scenarios in my head where upon winning a title, I purposely say or do something to destroy the moment and forever associate that person's moment with tears of pain rather than ones of joy.

I have made plans to avoid being in that position even though admitted deliberate actions taken against me in 2005 before and after I had my right knee scoped (on the day of the AJ dropped third strike game) would make doing that justified.

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