Monday, October 3, 2016


When I go on my walks, I often go where and when I shouldn't not wanting to wait for lights or crossing streets at the crosswalk and even crossing train tracks to get to where I want to go.

One recent evening during halftime of a game, I paused the tv and left to get about 30 minutes of steps. That time, I left via the north exit of my building, walked around it and headed east near the train tracks passing the rail station. There was a short block to walk before it ended so I walked on the street as it was on a direct path from the parking lot I was in.

As I am walking down the street a slow moving vehicle pulled up, looked at me, then went on its way. I realized it was local police and had one thought. Ferguson.

Since I appeared as a non threatening, white man, no doubt the police officer did not bother me. I have to wonder what would have happened had I was not walking while white.

I then realized how other drivers and pedestrians look at me while I am walking and think how would have things been had I was not white and what would happen to me since all I carry on walks with my pedometer is my keys and cel phone.

Of course if they all knew what things have ran through my mind while on my walks no doubt most who have encountered me would have reacted much differently.

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