Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rooting for other

When asked about the World Series, I don't want either the Cleveland Indians or the Chicago Cubs along with their fans to celebrate a title so I was thinking about how I could not see that happen.

Terrorist attack

Positive: It could if completely successful destroy the Chicago minor league ballpark as well as kill ball players from both teams preventing future championships for the near future.

Negative: It would potentially prevent other sports from being played as well as cause many people to decide that Donald Trump would be the best president to make those responsible pay for their actions.

Epidemic/ civil unrest

Positive: This would only delay other sports for a short while and has actually prevented a Stanley Cup final from being played.

Negative: The Cubs are a youthful and talented team which like the Red Sox last decade could compete for titles for 5 more years so this scenario at best could only delay a Cubs title.

Nuclear war/asteroid strike

Positive: Would stop the World Series

Negative: Would stop all sports

Alien invasion:

Positive: As one of the few who believe Jesus, Mohammad, and other deities are alien beings, I could be rewarded for my faith by being made commander of a portion of the conquered planet especially if I helped them.

Negative: A species that conquers interstellar travel would not need my help nor put me in charge of anything and I would most likely be killed if not enslaved.

Infrastructure failure

Positive: An airplane crash, hotel fire, or stadium collapse would definitely stop the World Series from being played and harm the team so it would be years before they would be competitive again without disrupting other sports. This has happened to a college team and multiple professional athletes but never to a major professional team in North America. There always has to be a first.

Negative: There would be a moment of silence for a while in other sports which would require me to pause the tv and fast forward past similar to what I do for all live showings of the national anthem.

Killing myself

Positive: My dying thought would be knowing I never saw the Cubs or Indians win a championship.

Negative: I would be dead, duh.

No doubt there are some who while reading this would suggest I choose the last option.

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