Friday, November 4, 2016

Pandemic Legacy part 11

September was a difficult month for us at UnIT. We were again on top of our game so the idea of locating a rogue soldier in Bogota or San Francisco did not seem difficult since we found the virologist and immunologist without issue and were 1/3 the way of developing a vaccine for the faded people issue in Africa and 2/3 of the Americas. We replaced our researcher with our operations expert since this was a military issue and with the Cairo base established, we now had a fully functional base in all parts of the world.

We got info on the solider but not enough to find him. However, that search meant the rest of the world was neglected and by the time we were able to focus on that, it was too late. Our quarantine expert requested for a paramilitary escort for future operations and was approved.

Later in the month, we got good intel and with new government aid the quarantine expert almost located the soldier before leaving. Shortly after, our medic, who due to being a veteran was added to the team for the operations expert, found the soldier who had some unexpected information.

We knew that El Guapo developed the disease in Mexico City but we had no idea members of UnIT were involved as well. It turned out there is a group called Zodiac which El Guapo is a member along with our quarantine expert who disappeared once he realized who we found. We also realized that the full military operation which we initially opposed then assisted to create needs to be shut down by destroying the permanent UnIT bases we created.

We got a report a day later that a Miss Noble found in her garbage the ID badge of our quarantine expert and was actually travelling around Europe gathering information about the anti vax issue and treating the ill. Since we were dealing with the Martian water issue in the Far East as well the fall of Sydney and Khartorum in spite of getting government quarantine assistance, we did not have resources to go after Miss Noble until everything in North and South America tipped causing the world to go to shut down mode again.

Since we did eradicate this strain of the Silurian illness, we developed a faster method to cure it and we also requested and received C4 as well as riot gear to handle military bases and faded cities. We were told that with the new development, we will get more aid.

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