Sunday, November 27, 2016

Season recap

Though my arm started having issues in October, I was still able to play through the end of November. Here is the results:

Club level rounds played: 5
Club level CTP won: 2
League level rounds played: 2
Shots below worst ever rated round in a league: 3
Tournaments played: 7
Advanced division: 1
Novice division: 1
Advanced grandmaster division (50+): 5
Shots in one round that was better than best ever rated round: 3
Shots in one event that was better than best ever rated event: 6
Player pack earnings: $45
Tournament winnings: $3
Times a practice shot at a CTP hole would have won: 3
New courses played: 9
Total holes with a birdie which I did not have one before: 50
Total with left handed drive: 4
Total par 4 holes with birdie: 1

Chips made: 1

Chips seen to win playoff against me: 1
Number of discs purchased: 0
Number of discs given as thanks for working an event: 1

Number of discs as part of player's pack: 2
Number of discs from used bag given as thanks for helping person move: 12
Number of those discs I traded for two I would use: 2

Number of discs added to my bag: 5
Number of discs lost: 0

Number of discs removed from bag: 2
Number of aces I saw live after never seeing any before: 4
Number of times I hit the basket on a first shot: 6
Different discs used on those shots: 4
Number of aces: 0

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