Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My December 22

Tomorrow I will be renting a van and driving to Bloomington, MN for Marscon 2010 featuring over a dozen comedy music acts who are traveling from both coasts and many places in between. I call it the 5 day trip that makes the other 360 tolerable and as someone stated this weekend is like my Christmas and I tend to agree though people were confused when I said Merry Christmas as I left work yesterday.

Over the past 6 weeks, I have talked about guiding my wife to Marscon. Compared to some people, our trips are short. Here are two maps showing the drives/rides 33 other people have to Marscon starting as early as today.

Note: The dark blue line from A-B is my trip. Since some of the people driving need to pick up others, the most direct route is not always taken.

I detailed the Chicago area as 5 other cars make their way specifically to my house to either ride with me, caravan with me, drop someone off at my house or meet others along with the route taken by the person I will pick up in my car.

There are 3 more cars with 4 people in the Chicago area and two other cars from outside the Chicago area who I know are going but do not know exactly where they start.

Since this post is about the long journeys people are making, I decided to not make a Minneapolis-St. Paul area map to show those who need to travel as little as 2.5 miles. Sorry.

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Igotnothing said...

I too was amazed at how far some people travel to go to the different conventions. Every year at Gen Con I would run a Call of Cthulhu event and every year I would get the same players all the way from San Francisco. Quite a haul all the way to Indianapolis, Indiana. And they drove too.

Enjoy your trip and good luck with the show!