Monday, March 8, 2010


123 hours after picking up someone at the Wood Dale Metra station, I finally arrived home from Marscon after dropping him at his house and getting home at 10PM Monday night.

I am happy to report that my wife and daughter on both trips were able to make them without incident and in less time than it took me since we had a caravan with 2 or 3 other cars which had one person who officially went into her second trimester on the ride home and needed to use the bathroom frequently. Note: As someone who shows symptoms for potentially needing Avodart, the more frequent stops made the use of an empty Coke bottle not necessary.

Though I was able to use the hotel free internet and look at this site, their filter did not allow me to log in being unable to post on it until I got home.

This video was taken on Saturday by Baron Dave Romm (the little girl is my daughter):

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Igotnothing said...

Madman, thanks for sharing! Your daughter looked like she had fun. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and if this video is an indication of your weekend, I'm sure you did. Glad to hear there was no extra trips made on the way up.