Thursday, March 11, 2010

That is the website for the new sketch comedy collaboration Cirque du So What. It consists of four artists who have appeared at Marscon for the past four or more years. They talked about creating this in the past without producing much but early this year they realized since none of them have a new CD for the convention they decided to get together on a snowy weekend in upstate New York to recorded a whole bunch of pieces that were put together for a cd. On the ride home three of the cars were listening to it and when we stopped at a gas station in Menomonee, ten of us were quoting the cd in front of two very confused cashiers.

It has become common for people to record and perform songs together or to record parts and through e mail send them to be put together. One of the reasons Marscon is special is that certain combinations of performers only occur there. On the way home, Blasted Bill Putt, the man who started the internet radio station which I do my show, suggested I do this week's chart on the combinations done last weekend. Thanks to pictures taken and from memory, this is what I was able to determine.

I did colorize part of it since it got confusing. I did include the four occasions that generally did not involve speaking or singing on stage and those who appeared in a video that premiered there.

Note: Arrows mean that person or group appeared in that performance. The two ones without arrows signify they are members of that group. This does not include all who volunteered to dance on stage; just those who had a predetermined reason to be there.

P.S. Thanks to Insane Ian, Devo Spice, Holly Luckes, and Jace McLain for mentioning a couple of ones I missed. They along with one spelling error are fixed.