Thursday, March 18, 2010

Attending by state

My initial plan for the post after Marscon was showing where everyone traveled from and I was making notes.

I was surprised to discover the number of states where people left to either perform or watch music there.

Note about last week's post: Not all who joined others on stage had speaking or singing parts and some of them were in video form only including this one which premiered at the con:


Carrietastic said...

I wish we'd had a chance to sit down and discuss the map, and who came from where. This is probably my favorite map/chart/graph yet!

I also played the video, so I could see how bad the video looks in "pan and scan" form (without the panning or the scanning). Looks pretty bad. I severely hope Jen will be able to embed it letterbox-style tomorrow.

madman on the loose said...

Not a complete list of who but a starting point:

AK - Sinstress
AR - Hiei
CA - TT, Chris Waffle
CO - Odd Austin
IL - many
IN - Kristi, Alchav
IA - Eric, Megan
MD - Ian
MA - Wildcard
MI - many
MN - many
NE - someone at fan showcase
NV - Uncle Lumpy
NJ - Devo Spice
NY - ShoEboX, Capn Nova
NC - Blak, Power Salad
OH - Jaye
TN - NBW, Steve Goodie
VA - Rob Balder
WA - Gifted Gear
WI - Pooh, BMZ
WY - someone at fan showcase

WildCard9 said...

If Keao has attended MarsCon, then Hawaii can be changed to "music in past years".

madman on the loose said...

I changed the map of Hawaii from red to pink due to WildCard's comment.