Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mom, don't listen

Five years ago while talking to my mom on the phone, I advised her to not listen to the show I was doing that night since I knew the material would offend her. Of course having never listened to my show before she decided to listen that night.

After three tracks, she turned it off and told everyone in my family the horrible things I play on my show. The song "What Your Parents Think (all your music sounds like)" definitely applies to me as her opinion was warped by what I played that night. Granted, I stoop as low if not lower than anyone else as far as material played on my show but most shows are not completely ridden with songs and sketches full of profanities.

I decided afterward to dedicate the show that plays on a certain week in late March or April specifically towards songs which my mom should not listen and it has become one of the most listened shows I have during the year as people tune in specifically to hear the most religiously offensive and profane material I have. Listeners over the years have also suggested and e mailed songs to me that would work well with this theme.

This is a breakdown of what I am currently planning to play in the two hour show on Thursday, April 1 from 7-9 PM CDT. (other than three new ID tags): You can listen @

Note: I am planning on playing the most evil and corrupt song ever about 7:10PM. I have never played it before on my show and have only heard the full version once. I am going to try to hear it again.

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