Thursday, February 25, 2010

The road to Marscon (part 4)

This is the third and final part of posts made to guide my wife correctly from our house to Bloomington, MN for Marscon 2010.

Hudson, WI to Holiday Inn Select Bloomington, MN @ 3 Appletree Square (28 mi)

Route I-94 (10 mi) to I-494 (17 mi) exit at 1B 34th Ave south, turn left at Appletree Square.

Potential problem 1: I-94/I-494/I-694 exchange. Interstate 94 goes through downtown Minneapolis-St. Paul. There is a bypass expressway which generally forms a large rectangle around the area. The highway north of interstate 94 is called I-694 and the one south is called I-494. The exit for both bypass expressways is at the same place. The second exit is I-494, which is the route you need to take.

Potential problem 2: I-494/34th st exit. Once on interstate 494, the mile numbers will start to increase and since the exit is number 1B, it would not be unusual for someone to think they were going the wrong way. Once you pass the county line a couple of miles past Interstate 35E, the number will go back to 0.

There are 2 options; exit 1A and 1B. Both might state airport. Exit 1B will go straight until you get to a light where you will need to make a left turn onto 34th Ave. Note: someone who has gone to this hotel as often as I have last year took the 1A exit last year. You will see the Holiday Inn Express from the road and will need to turn left At Appletree Square. Parking for the hotel is in the upper half of the garage. If you are able to park at the top level, you will be able to enter the hotel on the second floor above the pool. I will know what room we are in when I get there on Thursday and will text you that information once I know it.

It would be best to call me once you get off the expressway so I can meet you to help with luggage and parking at the hotel first floor entrance.

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Igotnothing said...

Good luck to the misses (spelled right?)! I'm sure it will all be well.