Sunday, February 7, 2010

Halftime show

As promised:


Matt said...

It is cool you figured out which songs they were going to play and did your own Pete Townsend bit. Although I enjoyed catching The Who superbowl halftime show I was a bit sad Pete didn't trash his guitar so you one upped them there. The slow motion replay adds to it. Hopefully you didn't hurt your knee in the process.

madman on the loose said...

It was not hard to figure which songs. Three of the songs played are used as the opening themes to the three CSI series on CBS and Pinball Wizard was a must play. Not sure about the fifth, I played Behind Blue Eyes at the start since I like the song and it was the best choice available. The fifth song they did play at the Super Bowl, See Me, is not available in the game.

FYI: I suffered no ill effects when my foot slipped on the tile floor.

Igotnothing said...

I agree with Matt. Your smashing the guitar was a one up on The Who. Funny stuff Madman, I like the slow-mo part and the 'Dad I have to go to the bathroom' was priceless.

In all honesty you have quite a liitle cameraperson there. She held the camera pretty steady. Thanks for sharing.

BTW Daltry did not lip sync and it was a much better show that I thought it was going to be. You can tell he has really been working with a singing coach.

Cheers! Keep them coming.

madman on the loose said...

I was expecting lip syncing and when I did watch it later that night, I was surprised there wasn't. However, I really did not enjoy the performance. It was as good as two men in their 60s can do but not to my liking.