Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bologna, and bread!

Sunday marks Super Bowl XLIV and when people ask who I want to win, I reply, ME! As customary, I am in a couple of pools based on the scores of the game at the end of quarters and at the end of the game.

This chart shows my chance of profiting:

As far as the game itself, I really don't care for either team (in spite of the fact that for the first time in over 15 years the two number one seeds are playing in it), but I will be watching except for the halftime show when half of The Who (the ones who did not die before they got old) performs a medley of their songs while I play versions of the songs on a plastic guitar. If I can set it up, I will either stream it live or record it for You Tube.

Since both teams play home games in domes and will be playing the game outside on grass, I expect the start of the game to have a lot of missed opportunities due to timing being different playing on grass especially if the weather is not perfect (like the last one played there). If I would gamble on the game itself, I would bet money the game will have less than 57 total points scored.

I figure the game will go into overtime due to a missed field goal at the end and one team will score an overtime touchdown to win 30-24.

Since I do not know what numbers I have while writing this, I do not know if I will win if that happens.

FYI: The title of the post was exclaimed by Barney Gumble while looking at the Super Bowl free food at Moe's Bar on an early Simpsons episode.

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