Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pandemic Legacy part 5

Quarantine Specialist Ahmed Klinger log:

With our medic, Dr Erin Hunnicutt, shaken from the ordeal in San Francisco and since containment has become more of an issue than treatment, I was brought into the situation for her as the zombie plague spread from the west coast of South America to South Africa.

We set up quarantines to prevent things from spreading into North Africa and Europe as our researcher, Dr Henry Pierce, was able to provide the scientist info to cure the Martian Fever and get ahead of the anti-vaxxers problem.

Knowing it was required, I acquired funded help to eradicate the Martian Fever but in doing so, the lower 2/3 of Africa and all South America succumbed to the zombie virus as outbreaks and riots happened in the southern extremes and spread north.

After I got the info to cure the Silurian situation, a Madrid epidemic happened and we got word that UNIT was about to shut everything down on the next outbreak. Captain Jack Harness called us from Torchwood stating they are ready. We assigned it to Johannesburg.

The devce floated over the city then shined a beam of light which covered about 1/3 of the area causing the infected in the area to slowly vaporize. Then reports stated that people started trying to get infected so they could ascend into heaven to be with God. Santiago had an outbreak shortly after and UNIT sprung into action to shut down things there.

We did establish a new military base in Hong Kong and now the Martian Fever is easier to cure but the team as a whole has lost confidence after the multiple failures in April.

Date Apr 30

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