Friday, December 11, 2015

Pandemic Legacy mini-update 1

Commander Jacob Potter log:
Not only am I stuck in Cairo for a computer upgrade, I heard rumors that we will be doing more than just treating the ill and curing the current strain of the diseases and that our in-field funding which was in January already reduced from previous years’ standards is being eliminated. I left a message with UNIT's scientific director Kate Stewart about this.

I also want to tell her how fortunate she is to have someone like me now in UNIT and that I deserved to be compensated far more than what I currently am and I don’t care if the finances are not sound within the organization as it would cost far more to replace me than it would to pay me fairly.
Since I have a family at home, I do not want to risk it since there are not many jobs like the one I have and I am well aware Ms. Stewart knows that as well.

March 1

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