Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pandemic Legacy mini-update 2

Director's Jacob Potter report:

I was not looking for the phone call from Ms. Stewart who along with stating the plague spread to San Francisco shortly after the medic left stated that I should be lucky to still have a job. According to her the Doctor was able to step in to control the faded people outbreak and UNIT was able to remedy the Martian fever with a partial shutdown of the affected areas. I was in no position to recommend making it a full shutdown.

Ms. Stewart also quoted the Doctor who stated that the people we have treated and cured in the middle east and Asia were not turning into zombies but rather Silurians.

I was also told the Madrid military base is now permanent, some funding will be directed our way and that Torchwood is developing something to help with the faded people problem. Heck with that phrase; I'm calling them zombies.

Right after I was done listening to Director Stewart, there was an alert. Everything is back. The partial shutdown was not effective.

April 16

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