Monday, December 21, 2015

Pandemic Legacy part 4

Researcher Henry Pierce blog:

UNIT is starting to get annoying with their demand of adding military personnel to the team and they even set up a base in Madrid but we are ignoring them as we have handled things with style so far.

Initial reports were not good as Africa, South America, and Mexico City were hit hard. We quarantined the African situation and were able to cure the anti-vaxxer situation in North America and Europe and what we have been calling the zombie plague in the middle east and Asia. Then we got alarming news.

The incurable disease has mutated further and worse. Infected in those areas have become faded and filled with rage starting in Mexico City. We got a warning to avoid those areas. We tried quarantine procedures but due to our inexperience with them we lost control and got reports that cities in the Western Hemisphere ranging from Chicago to Lima are now filling with these mutated people. Fortunately the quarantine barely held in Los Angeles or our medic, Dr. Erin Hunnicutt, would have been scarred.

If we have been keeping control of the zombie plague on the other side of the world, what the hell do we have now?

With this new, scary development, military and financial support will be required all for us to have any chance to keep the world from going into utter chaos.

April 15

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