Monday, June 20, 2016

A madman might have been walking in your town

Every once in a while my brain defaults to the Van Halen video Right Now which among phrases that are right now, is one stating a madman is walking the streets in your town.

My 42 day work step challenge ended June 19 and the results are in. Here they are from my POV:

Total steps/average per day: 755,760/17,994
Total miles/average per day: 356.3/8.48
Total steps on 29 work days/average: 514,339/17,736
Lowest/highest daily total on work day: 14,074/20,590
Total steps on 13 off days/average: 24,1421/18,571
Lowest/highest daily total on off day: 7,286/42,431
More steps walked per day on days I DIDN'T work: 835

Towns walked from home: 5 (Bensenville, Wood Dale, Itasca, Elk Grove Village, Elmhurst)
Towns walked from place I rode: 4 (Elmhurst, Des Plaines, Mount Prospect, Hobart, IN)
Towns I played disc golf: 7 (Carol Stream, Lombard, Naperville, Elk Grove Village, Hinsdale, Midlothian, Woodridge)
Other towns where I had steps: 5 (Chicago, Stickney, Plainfield, Winfield, Rosemont)

T shirts worn on final day which had a high of 92 and I had 42,431 steps: 5
Pounds gained during the last weekend which I walked 36 miles: 2
Estimated steps not walked on final day since my planned vacation day the one after was needed by my teammate in the company challenge and I could not walk from 10PM to 1159 PM since I had to be at work the next morning at 6AM: 10,000

State highways jawalked: 5 (IL 19,58,64,83 IN 51)
US highways jaywalked: 3 (12,14,20)
Times illegally crossed railroad tracks: 3
Value of items lost during challenge by wearing gym shorts instead of jeans shorts with decent pockets because I had chaffing issues: $100

Trailers either loaded or unloaded during that time: 20
Steps I take while driving a power jack or a 4 ton forklift while moving that material: 0
Number of times I had to stop while driving a power jack or 4 ton forklift for people who were walking in the warehouse area in an attempt to get more steps: 11

Place in company challenge out of 135 people: 11
Others in top 17 I would have been able to pick out of a police lineup on the date the contest started: 0
Coworkers in Illinois who had more steps than me: 4
People out of about 50 in the building I work who had more steps than me: 0
Steps/miles ahead of second place in my building: 58,281/27.6
Steps/miles ahead of highest placing person I personally knew on the date the contest started: 87,803/41.2

Different people who won gift card: 13
Additional number of steps/miles I would have needed to win: 184,845/87.5
Additional number of steps/miles my "team" would have needed to win: 303,984/143.9
Number of people with more steps than me who did not win anything: 3
Hours wasted for a contest whose prizes reward those who are fit instead of encouraging those who (like me) are not: Too many to figure out as I have already wasted way too much time, energy and effort in the contest and for this post.
Pedometers smashed with a sledge hammer: 1

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