Thursday, October 16, 2014

Game 64 (2014 edition)

It feels like not that long ago I posted about the games played between the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins since 1985 just before the teams played in 2010. As I anticipated the injuries suffered by the offensive players of the Dolphins the Sunday before and then during the Thursday night game showed as the Bears (whose defense that week was on my fantasy team) won 16-0

So what about this Sunday in Soldier Field? Both teams finished 8-8 last year having issues with a specific part of their team missing out on a playoff berth by losing their last regular season game. In each team's first five games this year both teams lost to Green Bay and Buffalo as well as a surprise 2013 playoff team (Carolina/ Kansas City). Both teams also beat a very bad team (Jets/Oakland) as well as a team that lost last year's conference championship (49ers/Patriots).

One would think reading that both teams are similar and the game will be close. This is why not. The NFC over the last couple years has been better. Also the Bears did play a 6th game and looked as well as they have all year since their early season injuries to many offensive players have mended for the most part allowing the team to gain timing in practice. Last Sunday it was 88 in Miami for their afternoon game which they lost giving up a touchdown with 3 seconds left.

I was looking for stats related to how well teams have played the week after playing in extreme conditions (heat, cold, snow) to confirm my observation that they generally don't but could not find any.

I did considered the possibility of the Dolphins defensive line causing havoc with Cutler creating turnovers or even an injury or Tannehill being able to exploit the Bears D but don't see either as likely especially with Tannehill slowed by an ankle injury and their #1 RB Moreno out for the season after last Sunday.

This looks like the type of game where the Bears can score early as the Dolphins are still reeling from their loss last week causing the Dolphins to start to press, panic, then quit (similar to the Broncos last Super Bowl).

Score: Chicago 31, Miami 7.

P.S. I hope I'm wrong.

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madman on the loose said...

I was wrong and was VERY happy to be wrong.