Sunday, October 19, 2014

Family circus driving #12

It has been a while since one of these was posted since for the most part, I stopped caring about her driving but this time I was forced to intervene. One of the only good things about having to move into an apartment was needing to get rid of the cat. Though occasionally it was tolerable the constant vomit, shedding, scooting and mostly urinating made the house uncomfortable. I was considering "accidentally" dropping a bowling ball at the wrong time as trying to find a "no kill" place for that cat that nobody we knew would take was difficult and wasting time that should have been used for packing. After we had moved and the cat was STILL IN THE HOUSE, I attempted to grab it to drop it off at the pound but was unable to do so.

Anyway, a place was finally found and my wife with my daughter headed there. You can guess what happened:

When my daughter called me, they had just crossed into INDIANA 25 miles from where they needed to go. After guiding them to the place and then home (5 hours after they left) my daughter stated she was using the GPS on her phone until my wife grabbed it from my daughter (who was pleasing with my wife to listen knowing they were going the wrong way) and threw it into the dashboard causing the battery to dislodge. My wife gave her phone to my daughter a half hour later to call me.

From what I could ascertain, my wife was looking for the Harlem exit off I-294 and since it does not exist and neither my wife nor daughter saw the sign stating they were crossing over Harlem Ave, continued driving another 15 miles before exiting and then heading east on 159th st. One would have to exit at 95th street and head east a couple of blocks to get to Harlem. Also on the way back, they missed the 95th street exit and had to drive a couple of blocks north to turn around to head back to 95th.

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