Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fictional list of numbers 15-42

As I stated in the first list, this only applies to fictional characters and not those based on real ones.

Starting with 14 and through much of the remainder of the list, there are numbers that I could not find a significant character who wore it. As with the other list, if you see an omission, let me know.

15 - Bart Simpson (Springfield Elementary)
Honorable Mention - Jmmy Chitwood (Hickory HS)

When I saw the Simpsons episode for the first time, I correctly determined that the episode title would be "Bart Star" since (Green Bay Packers hall of fame quarterback) Bart Starr wore number 15. Though Hoosiers is based on a championship Indiana high school team, the movie was not the story of that team but based on it.

16,17,18 - Jack, Steve, and Jeff Hanson (Charlestown Chiefs)
Honorable mention - 16 - Sam Malone (Boston Red Sox), Shane Falco (Washington Sentinels)
Honorable mention - 17 - Doug Remer (Milwaukee Beers), Richie Cunningham (Jefferson High)
Honorable mention - 18 - Curly Howard (hunchback)

All the honorable mentions are good enough characters to warrant being the best at their number but there is only one Hanson Brothers.

20 - Gavin Grey (LSU, Washington Redskins) - The grey ghost - Everybody's All American

22 - Paul Kreue (Mean Machine)
Honorable mention - Moe Howard (quarterback)

Though The Longest Yard was remade, the original is far better.

23 - Kit Keller (Racine Belles)


24 - Roger Dorn (Cleveland Indians)

The movie Major League probably is among the top in producing by number as many major characters than any other sports movie.

26 - Hawkeye Pierce (M*A*S*H 4077th)
Honorable mention - Ricky Bobby

The movie version of M*A*S*H finishes with a football game against an army unit.

28 - The Pie (Grand National Steeplechase)
Honorable Mention - John McIntyre (M*A*S*H 4077th)

The horse ridden by the Elizabeth Taylor character in the movie. It won the race but was disqualified as the jockey passed out after crossing the finish line.

30 - Larry Fine (halfback)

The 1940 Three Stooges episode "No Census, No Feeling" involved them working as census takers and they decide to crash a football game wearing jerseys in an attempt to collect information about everyone there.

33 - Al Bundy (Polk High School)
Honorable mention - Foghorn Leghorn (Tune Squad)

Al Bundy would remind people he scored 4 touchdowns in the 1966 city championship game.

34 - Spearchucker Jones (M*A*S*H 4077th)
Honorable mention - Lou Brown (Cleveland Indians)
also - Elliott Richards (Diablos)

The ringer from the infamous football game. Though Spearchucker was played by former football player Fred Williamson, he was not based on the player. That today the brain surgeon would have had a different name than the one used in the 1970 movie.

37 - Herman Munster (Los Angeles Dodgers)
Honorable mention - Nuke LaRouche (Durham Bulls)

Though The Munsters tv series was a repeat of the same joke, the episode where Herman destroys the baseball field and injures players where the Dodgers train is a classic.

42 - Scott Howard (the Beavers)

I could not find the name of the high school where the Teen Wolf played basketball.

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