Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Please help

Even after discovering that my hearing like a color blind person sees really makes it inadvisable to sing, I have always dreamed that I could do the lead vocals on a CD or even a song on one.

In February, Carrie Dahlby told me she is creating a tribute CD for the great Luke Ski to be given to those at Luke Ski con and stated she wanted me to contribute a track. My response was why knowing my limited ability and Carrie got me to reluctantly agree to do it as long as it only appears as a bonus track.

One of my first thoughts was the song Jack Bauer which I have a cameo as a henchman being interrogated. However, I realized that at 6 minutes, 24 seconds, it is way too long for me to attempt. I did figure a way to do a shortened version of the song and after going through the lyrics way too many times in my head recorded the main part of the song in one take spending less than one hour total to record the song. My initial plan was to call it "You Probably Shouldn't Listen to This." but realize it would be best called by its position on the CD, "Track 24". I appreciate Devo Spice, the man who mastered and organized the CD, editing a bonus track into multiple segments allowing mine to be the 24th track (and last one) on the second CD of the 2 CD set.

The con has come and gone and he was shocked by the CD. Though I did not get a chance to perform the track live, I saw a Facebook entry complimenting me on it which was liked by some of the artists who produced much better quality tracks on the CD.

Anyway, this is how I could use help: DJ Particle hosts an Internet show called the Dementia Top 20 that is determined my people voting. The website is Voters have to register on the site before they can vote. The third item under the features part on the page is for the Dementia Top 20 which will show links to MP3 files of past shows and has a link to the ballot for the current show which lists the top 20 from the previous week plus tracks from other sources to consider. In the left column under the name Track 24 is my song. Please vote for that and others if you are so inclined. Clicking the sound bar will allow people to listen to a sample of the track.

If you have any questions please reply or ask me personally. Thank you.

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