Sunday, May 9, 2010

still not diabetic

I have been told that I am diabetic for over 30 years though every blood test I have taken, including the three I have taken in the past twelve months, have stated that I am not. However, one ignorant person still insists that is the case.

Anyway, after explaining a couple of months ago that half the people on my cel phone contact list who are neither related nor work with me work in computers, I thought about making a chart to show it. It took me a couple of months to do so since sitting down on my computer has been painful with the muscles in my upper left leg initially injured in 1994 and reinjured when I had my knee surgery in July 2009. Having gone to the park district fitness center the past 6 weeks, the pain I had sitting down now occurs more while on the machines and not during the rest of the time.

Though the idea of running a 40 minute 5k in 2010 is still not likely, it was nice last Friday to be able to run past my daughter without a limp for the first time since I stepped on a hot dog in September 2008 or play kickball on Saturday without limping or stumbling around.

Anyway, here is the chart:

Computer people have jobs ranging from installing lines to writing software to the person you talk to when something goes wrong. Non computer jobs range from office to retail to performing music to one of Lord Farquaad's henchman at the Shrek 3D ride at Universal Studios Orlando.

Over the past 2 1/2 months, though I have added about 5 non computer names, the 50% claim I made in February was still not valid but the statement that I can contact someone who knows more than I do and possibly solve or diagnose a problem is valid. There are also people on my contact list who do not have a job with computers but are computer savvy including the people who put together the videos I have posted on this site and six music artists that use them to assemble and mix their songs.


Igotnothing said...

"one of Lord Farquaad's henchman"

Madman, thank you! That's the funniest thing I have read all day.

Carrietastic said...

I'm assuming I made the non-computer non-related list, though I spend 95% of my work time working on a computer.