Saturday, April 18, 2009

My circle of golf

Simple chart, let me explain:

This pattern has followed my golfing since 1992 and gone on a four year cycle since.

Excellence, Presidential election year: I play great. All my best scores and performances have come on those years.

Injury, Presidential term starts on this year: I feel the effects of an injury which prevents me from playing the game as often or well as I did the previous year and in 01 and 05, actually needed surgery. The injuries might not have happened that year but the effects were greatest in those years.

Distraction, men's soccer World Cup year: I find something else to occupy my time in the summer. Ranging from a summer bowling league, Scrabble, my wife's illness, and conventions, I barely had the time or money to play the game.

Interest: men's Rugby World Cup year: I get involved with another type of golf like video game, on line, Golden Tee, or disc golf but reach a point where I won't get any better than I do so I turn back to real golf.

Being 2009, I am currently suffering from discomfort in my left (non surgical knee) initially caused by stepping on a hot dog I dropped in September and aggravated many times since.

Bonus: Here is a picture of my daughter and one of her teammates whose family I have known for 3 years through my daughter's karate but neither they nor us knew each other's last names:

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