Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vacation time

Vacation dates at work started to be claimed for 2017 and for the first time in over a decade, I did not immediately schedule dates around a weekend in early March. For those who would not need to be off work at the same time as me, that time of year is not in any demand and I could take it on a couple of days notice easily.

On March 12th, my daughter will be performing her first ever solo at a music boosters fundraiser so her spending the week before 400+ miles away watching others perform and missing at least one day of school would create havoc with her schedule as well as rehearsals for the school musical that she will be in as well.

Similar to me, she is turning her energy to doing things as opposed to watching and my plan to drive to Marscon this year would involve her taking the wheel part of the way due to the difficulty for me sitting for a long period of time and the ideas of driving the complete trip or riding on a plane are not pleasant.

I was thinking what would make me decide to make the same journey I have made to Minnesota the previous 13 years and listed them in order of the likeliness they would happen

1) finances

Though I purchased my badge after it was announced that the Dementia track is staying at Marscon in spite of one local resident claiming that it will move to one area con she will still attend, the badge cost is not an issue. Even if like in 2015 when I had to purchase a badge at the door even though I was told that I was registered 6 weeks before, the cost of a badge is not a deciding factor.

I have to get there and sleep somewhere and those costs are what would matter since I have to eat no matter what even if eating there would cost more than normal. Though I can afford to go, doing so just to watch people do something I can't is no longer something I can justify in my current situation. Something would need to change to make me go there.

2) participation

If somehow I would do more than watch even for a moment, the cost and difficulty in travel would be justified. Though I could think of circumstances which that could happen including one in which I sent an email, without knowing before hand I would not make that decision.

3) life

In the past, I was worried about life preventing me from going to Marscon. Now that is reversed. If something develops that would by March prevent me from playing a full season of disc golf in 2017, then I would settle for Marscon.

4) the end of the world

Marscon will be held 6 weeks in the dystopian world in which there is President Donald Trump. *shudder* It is not inconceivable to realize that Marscon 2017 could be the last time things would be "normal".

5) Booty call

Though it is not impossible, I put the idea of the world teetering on the brink of destruction as a more likely scenario.

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madman on the loose said...

It turned out that numbers 1,2 and 3 all happened but due to being passive I did not go. 😞