Friday, January 6, 2017


I renewed my disc golf membership then went to my player page to confirm that it is listed as such. When I saw the page, there were a couple surprises including getting credited for a win from the November tournament even though I lost in a playoff.


It is not uncommon for a pic of the player to appear on their profile page. For many it is a professional looking pic or that player throwing a disc at an event. For some reason, the one their site has chosen to display for me seems appropriate. That image without the words or microphone is the one I am trying to get put on a hat to wear at events but don't feel comfortable spending $40+ to get it made since the cost to take an image and prepare it for the hat is twice the cost of the hat and the actual printing.

Upon seeing it on my player page, I now feel obligated to get it made to wear at events.

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