Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Price is Wrong... Bitch

After the Tour de France stage ended, I turned on the second half of The Price is Right not having seen the show in a couple years interested in seeing how it looks and sounds.

When it was time for the dollar wheel, the first contestant hit 65 cents and in spite of her bf, stayed. I commented about the argument that the couple will later have since the chances are better when spinning.

I was told I was wrong. I then explained that my father and I had this conversation in the late 1980s and I did the math.

65 cents is the high point where player is better to spin winning when holding outright almost 13% of the time and winning a spin-off 4% and a person who spins though would be over 65% of the time would win just under 19%.

I continued once a player gets 70 cents, they are better off not spinning and then reminded her that I figured out the odds of winning most of the games assuming simple price knowledge like the range of item costs and that prices often end with a zero.

I was then told I take the fun out of game shows. I smiled in agreement.

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